From Gwadar Port cell under the DG (Ports & Shipping), the Gwadar Port Authority (GPA) was established as a separate organization, after promulgation of the GPA ordinance No. LXXVII of 2002 dated 17 October2002, for construction, operations, management, and maintenance of Gwadar Deep Water Port. Skeleton staff of the authority was sanctioned by the then Chief Executive of Pakistan by according approval to the summary of the Ministry of Ports & Shipping.


Gwadar Port Authority (GPA) as landlord

The Government of Pakistan has adopted the landlord concept for new port development. In practice, this means that GPA will drive the overall development of the port and will raise the funds for development of general port infrastructure (primarily dredging of access channels and construction of breakwaters), while private sector investors will be the primary source for the development of terminals and cargo handling capacity. Reputable private investor-operators will be sought on a BOT (Build-Own-Transfer) basis for the design, construction and operations of the various terminals that are foreseen. BOT-agreements will be strictly on a concession-basis only, with no allowance for cross-share-holdings between the landlord-regulator and the terminal operators. In the longer term, as much as possible, different cargo types will be handled by dedicated terminals. This will allow for terminals to be developed and operated by dedicated operators who are specialized in these particular operations.  




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