• 3 -multipurpose berths - each 200 meters long.
  • 1 -RO-RO facility
  • 1-100 meter service berth
  • 4.7 km long approach channel dredged to 14.4 m at outer channel, 13.8 m at inner channel /turning basin and 14.5 m depth alongside berth.
  • Outer channel is-206 m and inner channel width in 155m
  • Turning Basin 595 m diameter
  • The port, currently, has the capacity to handle 50,000 DWT bulk carriers @ 12.5 meter maximum depth.


Port Area 64,000 sq-m
Container stacking area 48,278 sq-m
Reefer Cargo space (400 points)367sq-m
Empty container stacking area 6,875 sq-m
Storage yard 28,669 sq-m
Transit shed 3,750 sq-m
Hazardous cargo storage yard 1,800 sq-m
Control tower (foot print only)                            1,536 sq-m
Buoy yard 1,500 sq-m
Generator building                                              593 sq-m
Maintenance workshop (general)                   Â Â Â Â  1,440 sq-m
Vehicles Servicing Garage                                   450 sq-m
Security building                                                  65 sq-m
Common offices for GPA, Customs,               

Immigration Several floors, per floor: 4 ,144 sq-m

Mosque   324 sq-m
Operations office and canteen. Per floor:      Â Â     1,742 sq-m
Lorry car park                                                      1,125 sq-m
Future development area 118,575 sq-m
Oil recovery system 1 complete set
VHF/DSC including INMARSAT-B Complete system

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