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Gwadar Port Free Zone

During the initial phase of the execution, the COPHC started work on internal development of the Pilot Zone (initial area) of the Free Zone (FZ) and initiated marketing. The construction of initial area has now been completed. All infrastructures, including power, water, road, telecom, waste treatment, drainage system have been completed. More than 20 enterprises, involving in the fields of banks, insurance, financial leasing, hotels, overseas warehouses, fishery products processing, edible oil processing, pipe, furniture manufacturing, electric vehicle assembly, trade and logistics, have already been registered in the FZ.

Gwadar Free Zone Development: Status

  • GFZ has two portions:
  • Southern Initial/Pilot Zone
  • Northern Main Zone with different sub-zones
  • GFZ Pilot development completed and inaugurated on 29 Feb 2018 with a cost of US$ 160 million. Additional investment of US$ 250 million will be from 5 main investors
  • Construction of two industrial units started from Jan 2019
  • Work on Northern Main Zone will start from 2019
  • First Gwadar Expo held on 29 & 30 Jan 2018;
  • Gwadar Expo 2019 held on 28-29 March 2019

Gwadar Free Zone Incentives

  • GPA & COPHCL, through the Government, have arranged various incentives and facilities to local & foreign investors in Gwadar Free Zone in addition to standard facilities. The Zone is developed and operated by GFZCL.
  • 23 years complete tax holiday from all Federal, Provincial and local taxes.
  • 100% exemption from import duties on materials and equipment.
  • 100% foreign ownership for foreign investors.
  • One Window Facility Service.
  • World Class infrastructure and security arrangement.
  • 99 Years lease for sub-lessee/ investors

An amount of US$ 270 million has been incurred by COPHC/Gwadar Free Zone Company for developing the initial area of GFZ on 60 acres of land. Additional investment is also being made from 5 main investors, investing in industrial units, logistic business centers, and some commercial services in Initial Area.